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Trisha Frankland quiltchicken

Trish is a ...


  • Regionally Famous Quilter TM 
            with an ever-expanding "region"
  • Book geek
  • Graphic artist
  • Copy editor & writer
  • Ovarian cancer survivor
  • Rock 'n' roll fan
  • Sassy chick with a REALLY big laugh!


I'm Trisha Frankland

I was originally drawn to quilting by the amazing things that happen when two quilt blocks meet: those incredible secondary patterns that make a simple quilt zing.

I started quilting in 2002, and I've found my groove in creating up-to-date quilts from traditional blocks and patterns using all the fabrics, tools and technologies the modern world can offer.  

A legacy of craft:

​I come from a long line of creative people - artists and crafters who filled their days with hard work but their free time with stories, laughter and beauty of all types.

My father never met a material he couldn't craft, be it wood, metal or words. 

An uncle makes award-winning turkey calls of exotic and common materials.

There are quilters on both sides of my family - my Humpty Dumpty baby quilt was embroidered by Grandma Priewe, and many of my favorite tied snuggle quilts growing up were made by Grandma Everson and Great-Grandma Berg.

LIfe in Lodi:

My husband Dan and I live outside Lodi, Wisconsin on 18 acres that were homesteaded by his ancestors. We've got a backyard full of birds, squirrels, cranes, deer and other critters who keep our kitties, Scuda, Fred and Dallara, entertained at the window. I work in tech - talking to business owners, solving problems and answering questions.


I'm a quilter who rides a motorcycle. I'm a book nerd who's hardly ever quiet. I've been told I have the vocabulary of a well-read sailor, and I'm not afraid to use the full width and breadth of my vocabulary as need and occasion demand.